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Alizz Islamic Bank

Alizz Islamic Bank- (SAOG) founded in November-2012. It provides retail and corporate finance through branches, online (, and mobile devices. It delivers exceptional and sustainable results to their stakeholders by providing superior Shari'a compliant financial solutions. 



Alizz Islamic Bank, being a new bank were in search of a solution to attract the customers and wanted to provide special services to their priority customers. They had to go an extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction in order to get more business.



In today’s busy life everyone demands for a quick and quality service and that’s what Alizz Bank Team was looking for. Keeping in mind the idea, Dalfa- Oman proposed an Instant Chequebook Issuance solution for Alizz Bank. This solutions provides back-end chequebook issuance to help customers get their chequebook in no time. Usually, it takes around 7 days to get a chequebook issued when you open up a new bank account, but now the clients are able to get it in few minutes. Our solution is installed in 6 branches of Alizz Bank in Oman.


Al-Rahma Charity


Al Rahma Charity is one of the top most Charity Organization in The Sultanate of Oman, where they strive to create to the ones who need. Anywhere and everywhere. They provide from house to education for those families who cannot afford the daily life necessities.




Al Rahma Charity placed the Drop Boxes to all locations where people can donate for different segment. For Charity Organization it was difficult to maintain the accounts and ledger for their different programs and project (for example: Education, House etc.)



Dalfa- Oman proposed the Payment Kiosk Solution to get the Donations. Cash Deposit Kiosk provides the user friendly screens having different program options and also different denominations. This System allows Al Rahma to maintain the ledger for different projects donations. 

Americana – KFC


KFC is world leading brand of fast-food chain for Chicken meals. They have around 40 branches all over Oman.



KFC is spending a huge amount on marketing within the branches (brochures, Leaflet, Standee Banners, Display panels etc.) and they have to change or update it for every new product or service they introduce with time. It is really a big challenge to allocate the budget for each branch.  



Dalfa-Oman proposed them the Digital Menu solutions with the Signage solution (Scala). The solution allows them to change the Menus from the Head office and also ease to launch of any new product and highlight the promo on screens just with one click from server. 


Muscat Finance


Muscat Finance is one of the top most finance and leasing company for corporate and Individuals working in Oman market for more than 30 years. One of the premium company in hired purchases with the Foot print of 7 branches across Oman.



Handling customers and assisting them was a challenge as they had to deal with a lot of customers on daily basis. They wanted a solution to reduce the chaos and everything to be systematic.



Dalfa Technical Trading proposed them the Interactive kiosk with Feedback and complain application which enable them to maintain customer database. The solution is user-friendly and it generates email to the concern department for escalation. Through monthly reports MF analyses the statistical data for services improvement.    







Commercial Bank of Qatar   


Commercial Bank of Qatar another satisfied customer having Self Service Cheque Book printing Machines installed at their Head office open 24x7 for customer receiving excellent feedback and now going to increase numbers of machines to their main branches all over Qatar.  


Apart from this we are having around 27 installations of Back office machines installed as well in Khaleeji Bank 


Qatar National Bank  



Qatar National Bank being the largest and strongest Bank of Qatar having Self Service Cheque Book printing Machines x25 installed all over Qatar. Facilitating their customers 24x7 since last 4+ years successfully. EBMC is providing SLM services to QNB and keeping the machines up time 98%. 


Qatar National Bank having average of 300 plus Self Service Cheque Books issuance average per day. Considering the machine’s performance and after sales services they are going to enhance this facility for their corporate customer by increasing numbers of machines very soon. 




Saudi Arabia

General Department of Passport


GDP called as “Jawazat” is the government agency that taking care of issuing the resident ID, “IQAMA” and Saudi Passport for nationals, as part of the Ministry of interior “MOI” its Riyadh branch have over 1000’s of visitor between national and residents, visiting for different services, as examples “Exit Entry Visa’s, IQAMA printing, Visit Visa Renewal, Passport delivery, and more.” 



GDP facing problem to manage that huge number of visitors that requiring different services, also the need for clear assistance to get the right person for such services.



Dalfa Technologies - Saudi Arabia supported them, where we offer the best way with Queue Management Systems, where we have installed two main halls for services of IQAMA printing & Exit Entry Visa & Data updates, with approx. 20 counters, running every day from more than 1 year and still taking our services for more 2 years of warranty.

Ministerial Agency of Civil Affairs

Civil Affairs is the hand of MOI that taking care of issuing the Saudi National ID, they have a huge number of branches which is over 400 branch that providing the services and procedure of issuing of ID to the nationals and other more services, where some of the main branches servicing over 500 persons daily.


Civil Affairs facing problem to manage that huge number of visitors that requiring different services, also the need for clear assistance to get the right person for such services, and reduce the time of servicing to increase branches efficiency.


Dalfa Technologies - Saudi Arabia supported them, where we offer the best way with Queue Management Systems, where we have installed 40 branches in more than 40 cities, with number of over 300 counters where they offer services of ID delivery & ID issuing procedure “Shammel services” & Data updates, running every day from more than 1 year and still taking our services and after sales support.

Kingdom Schools


Kingdom Schools is one of the biggest schools in Saudi Arabia where they offer different level of education, most of the royal families have got their education with kingdom schools.




Kingdom schools is offering the education to a wide range of education levels where there’s a huge number of printing required with the best and fastest technology is needed, also the coloring and cost effective solutions is needed, to meet the world class education levels.



Dalfa Technologies – Saudi Arabia, as a partner to RISO, the leading brand in the printing and the most cost effective printing solutions available on market, have provided RISO ComColor printer which is able to print color copies and generate the complete booklet with no more efforts from the operators, and the fastest technology with approx. 150 paper/min, now with more than three years of servicing and support, still they have our support to continue.

Al-Rajhi Capital


Al Rajhi Capital, is a leading multi-award winning financial services company, which provides its clients with a range of diverse, innovative and Shariah compliant financial products and services.




Al Rajhi Capital servicing over 20,000 client facing problem with managing the delivery of client statements every month, which making headache for employee to fold and Mail each customer statement with its confidential data.



Dalfa Technologies – Saudi Arabia, have worked out their problem and presented Neopsot Mailing machine, where they print statements and leave the headache for Neopost to manage sort, fold and prepare each envelope for over 20,000 clients with some hours which save days and number of employees work. 


Electro is one of the founder members of specialty “big box” electronic retailers in the Kingdom. Founded by the largest electronics trading company in Saudi Arabia in 2004 (Ahmed Abdulwahed trading company) the company has continued to expand.


Electro as retails company with different outlets where they have a huge number of employees that approx. 500 employees, where they are facing problem with managing their attendance and payroll.


Dalfa Technologies – Saudi Arabia, provided them with the ERP solution, by starting with the time attendance module to manage employee’s arrival and leave, where our software support fingerprint terminal to communicate with it and collect attendance data, and make the attendance sheet for each employee separately every month, and still planning for more ERP modules with them for their better future management. 



United Arab Emirates  


Al Futtaim Group 


Al-Futtaim operates through more than 200 companies across sectors as diverse as commerce, industry and services, and employees in excess of 42,000 people in the GCC and Greater Middle East to encompass Africa, South East and North Asia, Australia and Europe. 


Al-Futtaim is structured into four distinct business verticals:  

● Automotive
● Financial Services 
● Real Estate
● Retail  




Being one of the leading companiesin U.A.E, Al- Futtaim aimed to bring more competence in their business by adopting effective and efficient organizational culture. Employees are the main asset for any firm and it is important to keep them motivated and facilitate them with the best. They were looking for a solution that could offer different services for employees which includes, access to Al Futtaim Employee  portal, printing salary slips, leave application, extract information from passport/emirates ID from the dedicated scanner, performance evaluation etc. Basically, they required a solution that would allow the employees to access and avail some employee-related services rather than depending on others. 





IET had proposed their HR Employee kiosk solution, similar to the DUBAL project. Al-Futtaim gave a set of services that they wanted in the solution. According to the requirement, the kiosk has one barcode reader, A4-size printer, passport/ emirates ID scanner, stainless steel keyboard and screens. It helped the client in improving their internal services and made it easy for employees too. The kiosk is capable of providing access to the company’s portal, salary slips, experience letters, passport/ emirates ID scanner, leave adjustments, gratuity adjustments, printing documents, filling up online forms and numerous other services. These services are somehow required when employee contact their HR department to avail service or set of services. In case, if HR needs some documentation and employee doesn’t have it at the moment so instead of going back to their workstations to access the portal, they can simply go to the nearest kiosk, access the portal and print the relevant document.  




Banking Sector (Chequebook Issuance) 


 UAE’s leading financial institutions including Mashrek bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, National Bank, Bank of Sharjah and Union National Bank wanted to bring innovation by offering a ‘Welcome pack’ for those customers who opens a new account in their bank. The concept behind the ‘Welcome pack’ is to give clients an advantage by delivering the ATM cards and Chequebooks within few minutes. Therefore, for instant chequebooks issuance they choose IET as their  SUPPLIER. 




  • Customers not willing to wait for days
  • Lengthy processes involve in check request processing, printing and delivery which takes more than 2 to 3 days.
  • Duplication / missing cheque-books 
  • Costly Preprinted checks inventory & storage management 
  • Bank & outsourcing printers disputes
  • No channels integration
  • Bank sensitive data (customer account information) is being exposed to the outside world (Outsource printers)
  • Customers come to the branches over and over again for the same task.
  • Branch staff engage in non-core banking activities
  • Responsibility to hold and manage uncollected cheque books.
  • Added cost on Courier Service
  • Audit report objections  



IET, as always lived up to the client’s expectations by successfully completing the whole project within 6-8 weeks. For instant chequebook dispenser, a solution was installed in the banks’ back office in all the branches, so that the customers could easily get their chequebooks within 3-4 minutes when they open up a bank account. This solution is basically a chequebook dispenser machine through which a chequebook is printed, binds, complied and dispensed out within few minutes. There are various features in this machine such as cheque sizes, as it can be changed by changing the options in the application and stationary. It’s time saving and effectual. These machines are driven only by the employees in the banks.  





IET teammade software in which the customer has an option to get personalized chequebook for himself. By using this application, customers could tell the staff attending to him about his requirements and would get exactly what he wants. This software was named as Adventex, it’s a combination of two words (advantage+extra) which clearly reflects the idea behind it. As per the clients’ demand, IET integrated both hardware and software in the core banking. 

In a short span of time, IET successfully installed 34 machines in Mashrek Bank, 27 in Dubai Islamic Bank and 27 machines are in the implementation phase for the National Bank of Abu Dhabi.


 This way all these banks are able to cater their customers with the ‘Welcome pack’, it also helped retain clients as loyal customers. Now their customer walks home with both software and hardware of their chequebooks. IET provides excellent support service for its clients and believes in building long-term and blossoming relationship.





Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, standing at 829.8 metres tall, and every year welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world. This giant 160-floor structure can be seen from nearly 100 kilometres away. The construction was completed on 4 January 2010 at a total cost of $4.1 billion. The building’s observation deck, called ‘Burj Khalifa At The Top’ and located on the 124th floor, offers visitors the unique experience of seeing the spectacular view from hundreds of metres above ground level.


Burj Khalifa At The Top tickets

The number of visitors to Burj Khalifa At the Top is increasing every day. Since the experience cannot be offered for free, visitors had to purchase At The Top tickets for one-hour timeslots by standing in long queues, sometimes for several hours. Even if they purchased Burj Khalifa tickets on the attraction’s website, customers still had to join long queues in order to print their tickets.


Self-service ticketing kiosk

Burj Khalifa At The Top chose Kiosk Innova to provide visitors with a quick and simple self-service method to get their ‘At The Top’ tickets. With its many years of experience in providing self-service ticket terminals, Kiosk Innova presented an ideal solution, worthy of one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks and tourist attractions. Thanks to the terminals, which were specially developed, engineered and manufactured for Burj Khalifa At The Top, visitors can now collect their tickets in a matter of seconds.


Buy and print tickets

A special credit card processing unit has been integrated into the DBL210, one of Kiosk Innova’s preferred ticketing kiosks, enabling visitors to buy their tickets online and print them instantly (ticket printing).

This project, developed for the world’s tallest building, was completed in only one and a half months. Now visitors can use the Kiosk Innova terminals to collect their tickets for Burj Khalifa At The Top easily and quickly.




Dubal Employee Kiosk  


Emirates Global Aluminium ("EGA") is owned equally by Mubadala Development Company of Abu Dhabi and Investment Corporation of Dubai. EGA is an aluminium conglomerate with interests in bauxite/alumina and primary aluminium smelting; with plans for significant local growth and international expansion. 


DUBAL’s Jebel Ali operation – comprising a 1 million tpa smelter, a 2,350 MW power station and other facilities – is one of the world’s largest single-site primary aluminium smelters. Commissioned in 1979, DUBAL celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2014. EMAL’s Al Taweelah operation – comprising a 1.3 million tpa smelter, a 3,100 MW power station and other facilities – is the world’s largest single-site primary aluminium producer. Commissioned in 2009, EMAL celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2014. It has a workforce of over 3800 employees.   




  • No centralized HR capabilities
  • Lack of access to global information for DUBAL below supervisory level employees
  • Manual, time-consuming payroll reporting
  • Lack of integration of payroll and benefits
  • No employee or manager self-service  




The main objective of the project to install and implement an Employee Kiosks in different locations at DUBAL with remote connectivity, for below supervisory levels  & has no access to PC, where the employee can browse the intranet & have access to SAP – HR Self Service functionalities. 


  • Implemented PEOPLE Human Resources Information System
  • Single system of record for all employees with access to DUBAL portal.
  • Integrated payroll system for more effective business processes
  • Self-service provides managers with an accurate, real time view of their organization
  • Employee self-service provides employees access to their personal data
  • Cloud-based delivery offers zero up-front investment, overall cost savings, and access to data from anywhere.  


Our Scope of project is to supply 15 Nos. kiosk (DBL -210 & APL -210), integration to DUBAL’s Innovative HR-software solutions (Bridging the gap between firmware & DUBAL’s software) with centralized monitoring tool to know the individual kiosk machine status and its utilities. The Kiosk DBL-210 consist of Two screen to accommodate campaign banners and main screen for Intranet browsing, while, the Kiosk APL-210 with ID Scanner for image capturing, exclusion upper screen, Barcode Scanner for authentication & to secure the access to DUBAL’s portal & web services for HR service functionalities with a built-in A4 size printer to enable to print employee salary certificate for bank loan or any other requests.




This resulted in rapid deployment in just 3 weeks, a global view of the workforce for management and executive teams, easier, automatic reporting, improved business processes, lower information delivery costs, enhanced employee’s computer knowledge, a more strategic role for the HR organization, freeing them from mundane transactional tasks. 





Emicool, one of Dubai’s leading air conditioning companies, chose Kiosk Innova to supply its new bill payment kiosks.

Emicool is one of the largest companies in Dubai and pumps chilled water from its plants to air conditioners throughout the emirate. Customers pay for the air conditioning service on a metered basis, thus avoiding the large investments involved in purchasing, maintenance and repairs. Cooling rates are measured by BTU meters positioned in homes and businesses, and costs are calculated using a special billing system. Customers then use Emicool’s payment points to pay their bills.

Emicool implemented their bill payment kiosk project in order to offer the most convenient payment method possible for its customers, while also speeding up their collection processes. Kiosk Innova’s bill payment kiosks have thus been positioned at a number of busy locations, giving all Emicool customers the ability to settle their bills at any time, quickly and securely.


24/7 bill payments

The new kiosks, which accept cash and credit cards, make it possible for customers to find out how much they owe and then pay their bills with only a few clicks. Once the payment transaction is complete, customers receive a text message on their mobile phone confirming the transaction (secure payment).

The kiosks, which have been placed at the Dubai Investment Park and at MotorCity, have many advantages, in particular encouraging more regular payments and reducing delays. The kiosks have also increased the number of bill payment facilities available to customers, and helped reduce personnel costs



Global Village


Global Village, Dubailand, Dubai, is claimed to be the world's largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project. It is the region's first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors over an area of 17,200,000 sq. ft.



To enter the most exciting place the visitors have to purchase a ticket. Families, Friends, tourists etc. would never miss out to visit it once. Since it’s a project which comes after every 6 months, people plan their tours according to the dates announced by the GV. People come in groups which makes it difficult for the staff to handle the ticketing system. Long queues sometime kills the excitement of the visitors and the children starts whining which makes the experience unpleasant and frustrating. Also, the staff gets a lot of pressure as they have to face the visitors and bear with their anger. Therefore, GV had been looking for a solution to make this process smooth.



In order to allow the visitors to collect their tickets just by interacting directly with the kiosk – IET Group of companies proposed Global Village to adopt their Ticketing kiosk which opens up an alternative for the collection of the tickets. The visitor just need to interact with the kiosk and do what has been instructed. They have the options to pay through either cash or credit cards. In the solution, there are 2 language options (English/ Arabic), the visitor has to choose the no. of tickets and after the selection they are asked to insert the cash based on the tickets being selected. Once they will insert the cash, tickets come out along with a receipt showing the no. of tickets, amount paid and timings. It has a cash dispenser as well which gives out the change amount. It’s a complete ticketing solution ever designed for ticket management.


Medeor Hospital


Medeor 24×7 offers a new concept in healthcare – a multi-specialty family hospital that takes the best principles of the hospitality industry and combines it with state-of-the-art medical facilities, diagnostic equipment and hand-picked personnel, to scale new heights in healthcare excellence.



Medeor is considered as one of the best hospitals in U.A.E. Hospitals are public entities thus you will always find it crowded. People have to stand in long queues to get information regarding their appointments and medicines. Staff at the counters have to go through a lot of pressure when the crowd increases. People of every age comes to the hospital which includes children as well. Managing such kind of crowd is extremely difficult and requires a systematic solution to avoid any miscommunication and delays.



A solution designed for public entities in order to avoid chaos and mismanagement having 5 main components which includes, server, ticket dispenser, counter displays, calling units, main queue status screen which comes along which some accessories like ticketing stand, ceiling mount display stands, routers, plugs, speakers, amplifiers etc. Hence, this solution was proposed to Medeor and IET successfully installed the solution for 5 counters at Medeor Hospital, which improved their queue management system and helped them in managing a big crowded area.


Pakistan Consulate


Pakistan Consulate provides various services for the citizens of Pakistan. These services includes Documents attestation, computerized passport, Investment & Trade, community welfare, facts & figures etc.



Consulates are public service entities and are among the busiest and crowded places. It facilitates people with numerous services and managing it in a manner to avoid long waiting and chaos at the consulate is quite difficult. So the Pakistan consulate was looking for a solution for their Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches that could help them resolve this issue. As it creates a lot of confusion for the staff as well as the customers.



Queue Management System is specifically designed for places like banks, hospitals, consulates, schools, Govt. offices etc. and all other public service entities to improve the system. Hence, IET proposed the system to the Pakistan consulate and supported them throughout to make their system better. Now, IET has successfully installed the system in both the branches of Pakistan Consulate.

Reel Cinema


Reel Cinemas, a subsidiary of Emaar, one of the biggest companies in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest cinema chain in the UAE to be fully equipped with THX-certified screens. Its cinema in the Dubai Mall alone has a seating capacity of 2,800.


The Problem

Reel Cinemas was looking for an innovative solution for the long queues at its counters and to simplify the process of ticket buying. Reel Cinemas also wanted to be able to show trailers to customers to help them make a choice among films.


Kiosk Innova Ticketing and Payment Kiosk Solution

Kiosk Innova manufactured and installed self-service ticket and payment kiosks to fit Reel Cinemas’ needs, thus helping the company to introduce an innovative and straightforward way for their customers to buy tickets. Double screen ticket kiosks enabled movie fans to browse the movies in theatres, watch trailers, and easily buy tickets, making the whole process pleasurable.

Customers are now able to watch trailers, ads and other selected content playing on the 19-inch upper screen of the ticket and payment kiosks. The ticket and payment kiosks, designed and manufactured by Kiosk Innova in its own facilities, have been thoughtfully branded to reflect Reel Cinemas’ corporate identity, and feature the company’s corporate colours and logo.



Reel Cinemas offers a unique experience to filmgoers on 22 cinema screens in the Dubai Mall. Thanks to the self-service ticketing and payment kiosks, customers can now select movies and showtimes, see available seats, and easily buy tickets without having to wait in long queues.


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