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CJD 6000

The Chequebook Dispenser CJD 6000 is designed specifically for the production of cheques / chequebooks from cheques "blanks" containing all background and non variable information, all variable information being provided by the CJD 6000 system. While the cheques production method of yester-years proved efficent by means of
outsourcing, innovation & technology today have made it possible for financial institutions to re-engineer this process with the aim of achieving maximum operational
efficiency. With online ordering capabilities, the CJD 6000 does not geographically limit cheque book requests to its place of issue. Requests can be made in Branch A
while its place of issue in Branch B.


The CJD 6000 is equipped with two feed stations: one for the cheque "blanks", the other for covers, reorder forms etc.
The cheque "blanks" may be partially completed (variable information) with branch address, customer name and partial/complete encoding of the MICR code line.



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